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Reactive dye

Cyclisol dye is a kind of Reactive dye for wool with bromo acrylamide active group. The reactive group on the dye reacts with the amino group on the protein fiber to form amide bond or imide bond. This kind of Chemical bond is irreversible Covalent bond bond, which is very stable, so the dye can achieve extremely high wet fastness.

This color card introduces the varieties of Reactive dye for wool. The products are suitable for printing and dyeing of various high-grade wool products, such as high-grade wool, loose wool, wool tops and carpets, worsted, etc.


The dye structure does not contain metals and meets environmental requirements

Ø Low fiber damage

Excellent fastness to sunlight and washing

High fixation rate, excellent reproducibility, and few hydrolyzed dyes

High brightness and complete chromatography

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