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Manufacturing base

Relying on its R&D advantages,Tianjin Sanhuan Chemical Co., Ltd. continues to extend the industrial chain, and has invested and built factories in Tianjin Binhai New Area, Inner Mongolia and Jiangxi.

Acid dyes- Produced by Tianjin Sanhuan Chemical Co., Ltd

The factory launched in year 2014, and started operation in the end of the year.

Acid dyes capacity is more than 10,000MT per year, the main item black acid dyes are produced by modified facilities and technique process which are the most advanced all over the world.

The diversified waste water treatment system is applied in this production line, processing unit includes Pre-treatment, biochemical, MVR ect, to ensure the polluted water emission qualified every day.

Air pollutants absorbing and monitoring systems is established too, spot monitoring detects sampling irregularly every day, to ensure the air pollutants emission can be qualified all the time.

N,N-dimethyl aniline- Produced by Baowei Fine chemical Co.,Ltd.

The production line was established in year 2008, capacity is 20,000MT per year, quality is widely recognized by the market.

Odor absorbing system is applied to improve the production environment. 

Sweetner- Produced by Weiduo Technology Co., Ltd

Capacity for sodium cyclamate is 10,000MT per year, Acesulfame potassium(AK) is 6,000MT per year, sales to both domestic and overseas market. The sweetner can replace sucrose in confectionery and beverages to reduce the calorie, which is suitable for diabetics.

Intermediate – Produced by Inner Mongolia Jinmeng Chemical Co., Ltd

Located in Alxa League, inner Mongolia, the facilities and processing design are far above the local usual standard of energy saving and emission.

Produce 6,000MT intermediate used for acid dyes and reactive dyes per year. DSC system is applied to ensure the production safety. 

Basic dyes-Produced by Fengcheng Sanyou PenMaking Science and Technology Co.,Ltd

Located in Fengcheng city, Jiangxi province, Cover an area of 58,000km2, 22 workshops, Capacity for basic dyes and ink dyes 2000MT per year each.